What Is A Deck Boat? Everything You Want To Know

What Is A Deck Boat? Everything You Want To Know

There were only two choices left for me when I started the process of purchasing my first boat. Possibly a deck boat or a pontoon boat. However, I did gain a lot of knowledge about deck boats along the way, and I can now answer the question, “What is a deck boat?” My response is provided below.

For recreational water sports, fishing, and entertainment, a deck boat is designed with the most speed and open space possible. Its cutting-edge engineering, from bow to stern, offers a flexible platform for the best boating experience.

The deck boat, which is equipped with many amenities, is the best option for boaters who like to be active.

However, let’s go over the main distinctions between a pontoon boat and a deck boat in more detail. We’ll also discuss how deck boats appear and the features that come with them.

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What Are Deck Boats?

Deck boats are, as their name suggests, boats with substantial decks. The bow is larger than it would be on many other types of boats, and this extra room allows for plenty of seating and an open floor area. If you want to put it simply, you could say that a deck boat is somewhat similar to a bowrider boat that has been stretched out.

There’s a good chance that when a friend mentions their new “party barge,” they’re talking about a deck boat. These boats have a reputation for providing excellent balances of on-the-water performance, comfort, and power. The best of all possible worlds, according to many, is what they currently have. A deck boat has many advantages, so it’s a good idea to think about them all before deciding if one is right for you.

Benefits Of Deck Boats

Deck boats are big, which is the first thing to know about them. There is certainly some wiggle room, but the majority of them have decks that are between 19 and 26 feet long. This means that even if you want to engage in a variety of water-related activities, there will be space for your family and friends. Your boat will have space for everything, including people, fishing gear, and water sports equipment.

Deck boats’ nice, quick speed is the next great feature, especially given their size. Because of the way these boats are made, you can satisfy your need for speed, especially if you add a powerful enough motor. This is excellent for those who want to participate in fast cruises, water sports, or other activities that call for some dynamism. When it comes to motors, you have a lot of options; just be sure to choose one that suits your requirements.

And finally, because deck boats are so adaptable, people adore them. Large and cozy enough for leisurely evening cruises. They have enough deck space and storage to be useful for fishing excursions. Even water sports are conceivable thanks to their power. A deck boat might be the best option for a family or individual looking for something for everyone.

What Do Deck Boats Do?

Deck boats are created to be “do-it-all” vessels. Families like them because of their adaptability, which makes them ideal for cruising, fishing, and skiing. The name “deck boat” refers to boats with an extended bow section that maximizes the deck and seating area. The deck boats are ideal for cruising and entertaining guests due to their open floor plans.

Recreational Water Sports

These boats can move in large numbers, despite their small size. A larger engine will be required if you purchase one of the larger deck boats to match the size. Your options are more varied if you have a smaller deck boat. If you, your family, or your friends are particularly interested in water sports, it’s probably worth allocating a sizeable portion of your budget to the motor. A deck boat with a tower or even a ballast system might be something else you want to consider purchasing.

Are Pontoon Boats The Same As Deck Boats?

When you Google “deck boats,” the phrase “pontoon boats” will also appear. People seem to be having a hard time deciding between pontoon boats and deck boats because they are both so in demand.

  • Deck boats were created by fusing a runabout’s hull with a pontoon boat’s floor plan. Deck boats are great because they have a large, open deck and the speed you need for leisure activities like fishing and water sports.
  • Deck boats are fantastic because they can accommodate your entire group. Deck boats can be used to take your friend out for a leisurely cruise. Deck boats are excellent for fishing as well, if you want to take it out on the water.
  • More active people, like tubers, wakeboarders, and of course, water skiers, prefer deck boats over pontoon boats because they are much faster.
  • Deck boats have a pointed-bow hull, which makes them faster than pontoon boats. Because of their pointed-bow hull, they can operate at faster speeds. The primary distinction between deck boats and pontoon boats is the V-shaped hull on a deck boat.
  • There are benefits to pontoon boats as well. If you want to unwind, they are ideal. They are not known for their speed, but if you prefer to unwind by the water they are ideal.
  • Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of pontoon boats in the water this spring and summer because they are clearly very popular and in high demand.

Although many boaters do not share this mentality, the majority of people believe that you must choose between pontoon boats and deck boats. Since both deck boats and pontoon boats are excellent, why would you force yourself to choose one if no one is forcing you to?

Deck boats are slightly more expensive than pontoon boats, so if you’re considering buying one, try to buy it when they’re on sale. Boat shows typically offer significant discounts, and these discounts are only available there. This is a good general rule of thumb when buying boats.

The same goes for fishing conventions, which often have exclusive discounts. Do not miss any local conventions or shows if they are available. Purchase tickets as soon as you can because they might sell out quickly.)

Another wise suggestion would be to consider purchasing them in the off-season if you had just missed your local boat show. Because they are not in high demand, the winter and fall seasons are excellent times to purchase pontoon boats, deck boats, or any other kind of boat.

Of course, a used boat will work just as well for you if you choose to purchase one. Just exercise extra caution and thoroughly inspect the boat. Used boats are likely to be in excellent condition because the majority of boat owners take excellent care of their vessels because they understand that they are an investment. See more about How Should You Pass A Fishing Boat?

What Sets A Speedboat Apart From A Deck Boat?

The name “speedboat” implies that it has been honed for speed. As a result, the front end is typically a little bit narrower to lessen drag. A deck boat has a wider front end, which gives it a more square shape. This gives it less speed and handling, but a lot more space for people. Deck boats provide much more comfort, convenience, and versatility than speedboats do in terms of acceleration, handling, and thrilling speed.

What Is A Deck Boat Everything You Want To Know
What Is A Deck Boat? Everything You Want To Know

What’s The Typical Price Range For Deck Boats?

This is a crucial query, to be sure. Does it matter how great deck boats are if their cost turns you away? Deck boats cost between $30,000.00 and $80,000.00.

This gives you quite a bit of middle-seat legroom, but yes, we do realize that is still a sizable sum of money. Owning a boat is not easy, as we had earlier mentioned, and that goes for the hefty price tag.

If you are interested, pontoon boats cost around $19,000.00 to $60,000.00. Although they are not as expensive as deck boats, they are also not inexpensive to purchase.

You are absolutely correct if you are saying to yourself, “That is the same price or more of a car.” So, unless you intend to use your pontoon boat or deck boat frequently, you might want to think about renting them instead.

The same reasoning holds true here—you wouldn’t spend $50,000 on a car you’d only drive once a month. Unless of course, you have the monterey means to, then by all means…

For this reason, we firmly advise that you buy your deck boat or pontoon boat during the off-season or at a boat show to take advantage of special discounts and promotions.

The used boat market is always an option if all else fails. If a boat is not in good condition, the majority of these websites won’t list it for sale. The ability to read reviews from numerous customers is another fantastic feature and benefit of purchasing your boat online.

A Deck Boat Can Hold How Many Passengers?

Pontoons offer more space per dollar spent when it comes to getting the most for your money. Depending on size and capacity, the majority of the pontoons you see on rivers and lakes can easily accommodate 10 to 20 people.

Deck boats are still substantial in size, and the larger ones can accommodate a sizable number of passengers, but you won’t see many of them that can accommodate more than 8 to 12 people.



But for a vessel with multiple uses, that’s not too bad!

What Material Is A Deck Boat Made Of?

Traditional deck boats are made of fiberglass, as opposed to pontoon boats, which are primarily constructed of aluminum. Because of the intricate deck shapes, manufacturers are able to keep costs low.

But as manufacturing methods advance over time, more recent deck boats are entering the market and using aluminum metals.

The deck of boats also makes extensive use of composite laminate. This is combined with fiberglass to create a material that is more water resistant and robust and is appropriate for boating.

Then a layer of gel coat resin is applied to deck boats. If the boat is left in the water for an extended period of time, this resin may begin to blister.

Because of this, it is advised to keep your boat out of the water by using a boat lift or a trailer, just like pontoon boats.

What Is The Purpose Of A Deck Boat?

Being versatile is key in this situation, and if you regularly read Pontoonopedia, you are likely to have already read a lot about the various uses for pontoon boats.

There are only minor differences in space and speed with deck boats.



Let’s examine each component in more depth.


Boats can be excellent performers, but ultimately, you must decide what kind of entertainment you want to partake in and provide.

On a hot summer day, you can set up a grill on board, hang a small slide off the side, and play games in the water, but the performance of the water sports will make a big difference.

Water Sports Performance

Choose a deck boat over a pontoon for faster speeds and pulling power.

Even though you can still tow tubes and water skiers behind a pontoon boat, the deck boat consistently outperforms it for an enjoyable ride, especially for adults.

Less experienced tubers and skiers can be easily pulled behind by pontoons in their wake, but if you are an advanced skier or snowboarder, it might not be enough to give you the experience you would like.

Deck boats can reach top speeds of 50 to 70 miles per hour thanks to inboard or outboard engines with 300 horsepower that are available.

You’ll experience a quick, rolling ride as a result, allowing you to catch some awesome waves and fully enjoy your day of water sports.




For fishing, I prefer pontoon boats (read why here), but in plain English, it all comes down to the shallow draft.

A pontoon boat’s shallower draft, stable platform, and extra room for movement make it easier to fish from.

That is not to say that fishing can’t be done from deck boats. They are, but if that’s what you’re deciding on when deciding between a pontoon and a deck boat, go with the pontoon every time.

The Bottom Line

Considering how versatile they are, deck boats are excellent investments. Purchase a deck boat if you enjoy fishing. Do you enjoy spending the day at home and soaking up the sun? It works well with a deck boat. Do you picture the ideal evening as one in which you get to unwind and converse with friends? Deck boats are excellent for that.

It is understandable why they are so adored by the boating community, and despite the wide range of boats available, more and more people are beginning to show an interest in deck boats.

We sincerely hope you found this article to be educational and that you learned something new about deck boats. Please feel free to share this article with a friend who is also interested in learning more about deck boats if you enjoyed it.

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