Fishing In The Dark: What Does It Mean

Fishing In The Dark: What Does It Mean

Are you looking for a way to let your partner know you want to spend a private evening with them? You could use the phrase ‘fishing in the dark.

The expression fishing in the dark’ doesn’t have anything to do with fishing. It alludes to having a romantic date outside while the moon is out. Despite the use of a fishing analogy in the song that came up with the expression, it has nothing to do with how it is currently used.

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Origin Of Fishing In The Dark

The Californian songwriters Jim Photoglo and Wendy Waldman are the ones who first coined the phrase “fishing in the dark.” It was the name of a song that the duo included on their studio album Hold On from 1987.’ When country music icon Garth Brooks covered the song in 2005, it enjoyed phenomenal success.

The song has a catchy melody and lyrics that describe the ideal night for going fishing. “Baby, get ready because we’re going fishing in the dark,” is how the phrase is sung in the song.’

However, the song’s focus is on lovers who are more interested in each other’s bodies than in fishing.

Fishing In The Dark What Does It Mean
Fishing In The Dark: What Does It Mean

Example Usage Of Fishing In The Dark

“Hey, honey, let’s go fishing in the dark. What do you think, are you ready to leave here and go home?”

“In the dark, we’ll be fishing. No, I’m not referring to fishing, and neither are any boats or angling equipment used.”

“I was fishing in the dark last night with my girlfriend. We weren’t out on the lake fishing, you idiot. We were only fishing in the bedroom.”

“My boyfriend informed me that he would like to take me fishing after dark. I admitted to him that I had no fishing experience and had no interest in the sport. Not to worry, he assured me. He’ll show me how.”

“With my partner, I adore going fishing in the dark. I always bring an air mattress instead of my fishing gear.”

Why People May Say Fishing In The Dark Incorrect?

The phrase “fishing in the dark” and the song don’t actually refer to fishing. The “fishing” is merely a cover for romantic behavior. The incorrect application of the expression would be to say that you’re going out with friends at night to go fishing.


You can use the phrase “fishing in the dark” when referring to a late-night encounter with a loved one. This is the title of a well-known song about enjoying moonlit sex with your partner. When approaching your partner in public, use this phrase to express your desire for sex.

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